Commercial Units Essex - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions
Q Where are the units?
A Half a mile from the top end of Lower Dunton Road (A127 end). See map for guidance.

Q What kind of security is in place?
A The yard is accessed by a private road with secure gated entry. CCTV is in operation 24 hours per day, The management resides onsite and often patrols the yard out of hours with a guard dog.


Q What hours can I access my unit?

A Our opening hours are:

8am – 7pm Monday to Friday

8am – 1pm Saturday

10am – 1pm Sunday


Q How much is the rent?

A Rental payments vary, we can advise rates on application.


Q How much deposit do I pay
A A returnable security deposit equal to 1 months rent is held for the duration of your tenure.

QAre there any other costs?
A Your only other cost is for your electric usage.


Q How is my electricity bill worked out?

A Each unit has its own electric meter, tenants are billed quarterly for their usage.


Q period is the lease for?
A We can tailor the lease for the individual need of each tenant, but we usually require a minimum of 12 months.


Q Do I need a solicitor?
A No. Our lease’s are very simple contracts and require no legal costs.


Q How do I pay my rent?
A We usually set-up a monthly standing order payment direct from your bank account. We can however offer discounted rental payments if you wish to pay by advance block payments of 6 months or more.


Q Are there toilet facilities onsite?
A Yes, some units have their own toilet facilities; others have the use of a toilet block with separate Male and Female facilities.


Q Is there 3-phase electric?

A Yes, every unit has a brand new 3-phase electric supply.


Q Is there running water?

A Yes, each unit has a sink with running water.